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Co-habitation rules | How to use the kitchen

Taking care of your coworking space

Keeping any shared space clean, organised, secure and comfortable is of vital importance, especially when talking about a coworking space.  A coworking space is members’ second home as they spend most of their time there working, eating and relaxing.

Our venue provides common spaces that members have to take care of; otherwise, co-habitation problems may arise. The environment of a coworking space defines the community and it, therefore, has to be cared for by members of the community. We are providing a regular cleaning service to our residents, however to keep the space neat and tidy, the daily cleaning is of vital importance!

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Taking care of the kitchen in your coworking space

The kitchen is most likely the heart of a coworking space, a communal place that everyone can share meals or chat over a cup of tea or coffee. So it’s easier if everyone tries to do their part in keeping it tidy as much as possible.

    • Put things back where they belong when you do not use them anymore
    • Remember to wash the glasses, cups and plates you use; or the kitchen sink will always be full of dirty dishes.
    • Make sure you don’t accidentally end up eating other people’s personal food – especially stuff with someone else’s name on it or what’s stored in the fridge.
    • Remove the food you leave in the fridge at the end of the week; otherwise, the food inside will rot.
    • Take back the tupperware that you bring for lunch.
    • Avoid eating in areas of work, prefer our comfortable kitchen 😉 No matter how hungry you are, eat at the designated dining area. It is the safest way to avoid offending anyone with the smell of your food and the sounds you may make while eating. Additionally, it also keeps you from dropping food crumbs and spillage all over the place.

Be a courteous eater.


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