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Disaster Recovery: Beyond Backup Strategies | Devstaff Meetup


Happy New Year everyone!!
2019 is already on its way and we’re back with an exciting, difficult topic!


If you have been working as a software engineer for a number of years, you will know by now that disasters DO happen in our job.
In fact, simply being alive for a number of years is enough to teach you disasters DO happen in life in general.
In this meetup, we will explore at some common practices for overcoming these disasters. Focusing on the technical side primarily, but expanding beyond that too.
Join us to hear & share your experiences, for a resilient 2019!!

Info about DevStaff

There’s a lot of us, devs, here in Crete. Yet, we hardly ever get together in large groups, or even know each other. Somewhat strange for our small community. We hope you’ll agree. This group is an attempt at bringing us all together for informal chats about what we’re all passionate about: technology and software. Join the meetup. Learn, teach, speak your mind. Sharpen your skills, share the knowledge and help us build a community where devs can openly exchange ideas!

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