Test-Driven Development
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Hands-on TDD Session | HSCC


Heraklion Software Craftsmanship Community’s session – Hands-on TDD Session

After a brief intro into the Software Craftsmanship movement, we will get straight into an interactive, hands-on session, on Test-Driven Development (TDD).

Important note
It would be nice if you can bring at least one laptop / 2 people. (Yes, we will be working in pairs).


  • Yorgos Saslis
  • Nikolas Vourlakis

As for the Heraklion Software Craftsmanship Community

This is a community for those who want to take software development one step (at a time) further. Those who believe in not just getting the job done, but want to be proud about the kind of work they produce. It is not a community for experienced, old, senior or advanced developers. Anyone who is passionate about improving on the software development craft is very welcome!

From The Software Craftsmanship manifesto:

As aspiring Software Craftsmen we are raising the bar of professional software development by practicing it and helping others learn the craft. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Not only working software, but also well-crafted software
  • Not only responding to change, but also steadily adding value
  • Not only individuals and interactions, but also a community of professionals
  • Not only customer collaboration, but also productive partnerships

That is, in pursuit of the items on the left we have found the items on the right to be indispensable.