How can a developer become an entrepreneur? | Devstaff Meetup
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How can a developer become an entrepreneur? | Devstaff Meetup


This meetup is going to be an “open space discussion”

Developers or not, many members of our community have already found themselves becoming self-employed, starting their own business, participating in a startup, or otherwise toying with the concept of entrepreneurship, somewhere along the way.

As all of us have, no doubt, discovered, there is a whole world of skills that is required of us when we take that step. Skills that extend far beyond what we were taught in our Computing (Science | Engineering) degrees:
  • Sales / negotiation skills,
  • Managing cash / capital,
  • Managing risk,
  • Managing debt & capital,
  • Choosing good partners / associates,
  • and many (many!) more!
This meetup is going to be an “open space discussion“, around all that.


And to top it all off, we’ll have none other than Dr. Heinz Kabutz himself (, joining us in person!

Most of you might know Heinz from “The Java Specialists” Newsletter, to which he has managed to convince 70 thousand(!) of our fellow developers to subscribe to. He also runs the extremely sought-after JCrete unconference in Chania every summer (just search for “JCrete” on twitter). In between, he manages to give tens of conference talks every year and runs his own software consulting and training business.

To explain how he makes this all tick, he has recently started a new newsletter (free to join btw – ) and course on the topic of entrepreneurship (

People have been called “experts” for less.

Yet Heinz is not coming to give us a lecture on the topic! He preferred that we all sit down (in a circle, as we do in an open space session) and casually chat around these topics. In a way that everyone can talk, ask their burning questions and learn by participating. As far as Heinz is concerned, he will only be joining the chat to “talk about the main points of how to make so much money that the bank manager phones you in a panic.”

Venue will be decided depending on number of people who want to attend, so please
*RSVP responsibly!*