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Developers in Greece – Their priorities when looking for a job
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Developers in Greece – Their priorities when looking for a job

By gathering and analyzing the data in the Developers in Greece Report 2018, the particular characteristics of the developers’ experience, skills, needs, practices and priorities were recorded and mapped.

Developers in Greece are continuously looking for new challenges and opportunities, with 2 out of 3 (66.2%) participants reporting being active in seeking new job positions. If you are en Employer looking to attract and employ new members in your tech team, it is vital that you consider their needs and priorities in order to match the right candidates with your company’s characteristics.

Top priorities

  • Among a total of 9 choices, our findings suggest that developers rank the Work Environment as having the highest importance to them (7), followed closely by Salary (6 .9).
  • Compensation is always an important factor, but not enough on its own to drive tech talents to your company. Developers in Greece prefer positions that will offer them a them a Challenge (5.9) and would be interested to understand your company’s culture and Values (4.9) before joining your team.
  • On the other hand, factors such as Company size (3) and Work Remotely (3 .9) are marked low in terms of developers’ priorities when looking for a job.


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