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Developers in Greece – What were their salaries in 2018?
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Developers in Greece – What were their salaries in 2018?

In 2018 the Developers in Greece Report was published, aiming at taking a snapshot of the current trends and characteristics in relation to the market of ICT professionals in Greece.More than 1000 developers participated, and here are the findings to share with the community.

Here are a few quick points in regards to the Salaries of Developers in Greece in 2018:

  • Only 7.4% of the developers working in full-time positions in Greece is paid under the minimum wage (€684 per month, adjusted for a 12 month period), with their annual income being up to €5,000.
  • 18.8% of Developers in Greece are paid €5,001-10,000, which is around Greece’s minimum wage.
  • A quarter (24.9%) of participants are paid €10,001-15,000.
  • 48.9% of developers are paid more than €15,000. Specifically, a quarter (26.8%) gain an annual salary of €15,000 to €30,000, and 22.4% are higher earners with an annual salary of more than €30,000.
  • Excluding Junior developers, who are as we already mentioned just entering the market, the average salary is between €20,001 and €25,000.
  • Those living abroad earn on average €45,001-50,000.
Source: blog.techtalent.jobs

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