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3 day pass for Devstaff community

Special offer -25% for 3 day pass!

Are you member of the Devstaff community in Heraklion and you are looking for a great environment to get your work done? Get started with your 3 Day Pass and improve your work experience instantly using a desk in the open space of our coworking facilities. With 3 Day Pass plan you can have your own desk and experience Office12 services for 3 whole days, not necessarily consecutive days of work. We offer 3 day pass with 25% discount at 30€ for Devstaff community. This offer expires on 17th of May 2019 and members should have used their passes in 2 months time.

About Office12

Office12 – est. 2015 – is a co-working space offering all the amenities necessary for a creative and innovative person to stay focused, productive and happy.

Our mission is to help people experience their daily work and leisure time outstandingly. Every day we host people and ideas, organize events and workshops and help our residents move forward and getting closer to each other creating a small community.

Office12 consists of an open space area, private offices, team rooms for 2-4 people, a meeting room and a coffee area. It is 160 sq.m and it is set in an energy efficient building, with beautiful environments and a balcony with a view you can enjoy while working.


Micro-roasted coffee

Enjoy filtered water, coffee and tea varieties.

Super-fast internet

3 load-balanced ADSL connections, QoS, Wifi and cabled network.


In meeting rooms, open space or even the kitchen, what you might need we probably have it.


Cleaning service for a clean and fresh enviroment every day.

More details

Privacy Policy & Terms and Conditions
Our Privacy Policy & Terms and Conditions apply to all cases. We suggest you take a look at them on our Privacy Policy page and Terms and Conditions page.

Work days and time
Our residents can use our premises on weekdays (Monday to Friday) from 9:00 to 20:00. If you need to stay longer please let us know.

Health & Safety
Office12 is well-designed and functional but we also take great care for our resident’s health, safety and security. In case of you want to know how, here you can learn more about Health & Safety.

Resident Guides
We’ve also written some guides to fast track your stay. You can check them out on our Resident Guides section.


Monthly pass offer-Open space

Special offer at 195€ for Monthly pass. Are you are looking for a great environment to get your work done in the city of Heraklion? Get started with your Monthly Pass and improve your work experience instantly.

Monthly pass offer – Team room

Get started with your Team Room Monthly Pass and improve your work experience instantly. With this offer you and your team can have a Monthly Pass with 15% discount. This offer expires on 22nd of July 2019.
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